Expecting the Unexpected: Safety Considerations for Ethnobotany Field Research

K. W. Bridges, Will McClatchey


All ethnobotanical field researchers should be prepared for emergencies. While such problems are often thought to be low probability events, they are actually common enough that all investigators should be appropriately prepared
every time they go into the field, even in areas that are nearby and familiar. Preparation involves a series to steps that should be started early, well before going into the field. The first part of the planning involves thinking
about the area, intended activities and the potential for danger. This is followed by assembling materials and procedures that will be helpful in the most likely dangerous
situations. It is also important to know, ahead of time, what to do in a broad range of emergencies. Every field researcher should have good safety kits, be trained in their use, and practice sufficiently so that safety procedures
become a habit.

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