Insertions and Deletions: Evolution in the assemblage of Vietnamese food plants

My Lien Thi Nguyen


An analysis of taxa used and that are salient to Vietnamese
in Hawai‘i compared with southern Vietnam reflects
an evolution of the assemblage of food plants demonstrated
by substitutions, insertions, and deletions of plant taxa.
Replications occur as the Vietnamese in Hawai‘i have access
to many similar plant taxa as those in Vietnam, possibly
due to the location of Hawai‘i as a place where similar
food plants can grow and due to a large Asian population.
Food plant taxa were elicited from interviews and recorded
during participant observations. The current scientific
botanical nomenclature and taxonomic groupings, plant
life form or part utilized, the southern and many northern
Vietnamese vernacular names with diacritical markings,
and the English and French translations are provided for
over 200 food plants. An introduction to Vietnamese diacritical
writing and vernacular botanical nomenclature is

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