Quantitative ethnomedicinal study of indigenous medicinal plants used for digestive disorders of Laspur Valley, Chitral, Northern Pakistan

Sher Wali, Hammad Ahmad Jan, Rainer W Bussmann


Background: The present study was the first one of its own kind conducted in the study area. Throughout the world digestive system diseases and their related symptoms are widely prevalent. People of Chitral still heavily rely upon therapeutic plants to cure digestive disorders.

Aim of the study: The present study was conducted in order to document the traditional uses of medicinal plants for the cure of digestive disorders in Laspur Valley of Chitral.

Methods: Ethnomedicinal data was obtained from 200 inhabitants of the area through face to face interviews and semi-structured questionnaires. To analyze data quantitatively, Use-Value (UV), Familiarity-Index (FI), Family Importance Value (FIV), Consensus-Index (CI), and Informant Consensus Factor indices (ICF) were applied.

Results: A total of 44 medicinal plants were documented. The recurring life forms were herbs (75%), shrubs (15.91%) and trees (6.82%). The most frequently utilized part was the leaves (43.18%). To prepare medicine leaves were used unprocessed in fresh/dried form, as powder, and decoction, and were usually taken orally. The FI value was led by Coriandrum sativum (0.285). The family Apiaceae had the maximum FIV value (46.5). The value of "CI" was highest for Coriandrum sativum. ICF values for Dysentery, Vomiting and Intestinal Disorders (1.0) presented the maximum consensus factor.

Conclusion: The practice of using therapeutic plants to cure digestive disorders by medicinal plants is still prevalent in the study area.

Key words: Quantitative ethnomedicinal; indigenous medicinal plants; digestive disorders; Laspur valley; Northern Pakistan

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