Ethnobotany of Juniperus excelsa M. Bieb. (Cupressaceae) in Iran

Atefeh Pirani, Hamid Moazzeni, Shahab Mirinejad, Farzaneh Naghibi, Mahmoud Mosaddegh


Ethnobotanical data of Juniperus excelsa M. Bieb. in Iran is documented from various historical, religious, literary, linguistic and pharmacological viewpoints. Field trips were conducted to different habitats of J. excelsa in Iran during 2006-2010 to collect ethnobotanical information about the plant. The present study reveals that J. excelsa is considered as a multi-purpose tree by indigenous people of Iran, and has been used as medicine, incense, material for constructing buildings, fencing, different household articles and decoration. It is respected as a “holy” tree by some Turkmen and Kurdish tribes in Iran.

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