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Vol 10 (2012) Assessment of Local Dependency on Selected Wild Edible Plants and Fruits from Senapati District, Manipur, Northeast India Abstract   PDF
Neli Lokho Pfoze, Yogendra Kumar, Nilofer Sheikh, Bekington Myrboh
Vol 19 (2020) Assessment of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) in Behali Reserve Forest, Assam, Northeast India Abstract   PDF
Dipankar Borah, Sumpam Tangjang, Abhaya Prasad Das, Ankur Upadhaya, Puranjoy Mipun
Vol 14 (2015) Availability and Use of Woody Plant Resources in Two Areas of Caatinga in Northeastern Brazil Abstract   PDF
Madson Reis de Oliveira Trindade, Jomar Gomes Jardim, Alejandro Casas, Natan Medeiros Guerra, Reinaldo Farias Paiva de Lucena
Vol 1 (2003) Back to the Future: Using traditional knowledge to strengthen biodiversity conservation on Pohnpei Abstract   PDF
Raynor Bill, Mark Kostka
Vol 18 (2019) Bamboo - The ‘Timber’ of Mao-Naga Community Abstract   PDF
Kreni Lokho, D. Narasimhan
Vol 4 (2006) Bamboo Paper Production and Religious Use by the Lanten Yao in Northern Lao PDR Details   PDF
Claudio O. Delang
Vol 12 (2014) Bamboo Resources in Ethiopia: Their value chain and contribution to livelihoods Abstract   PDF
Zenebe Mekonnen, Adefires Worku, Temesgen Yohannes, Mehari Alebachew, Demel - Teketay, Habtemariam Kassa
Vol 9 (2011) Bamboo Trade and Future Prospects in the Central Himalaya: A case study of the traditional artisans of Uttarakhand, India Abstract   PDF
Manju Sundriyal, R.C. Sundriyal
Vol 7 (2009) Banana Cultivation in South Asia and East Asia: A review of the evidence from archaeology and linguistics Abstract   PDF
Dorian Q. Fuller, Marco Madella
Vol 7 (2009) Banana (Musa spp.) Domestication in the Asia-Pacific Region: Linguistic and archaeobotanical perspectives Abstract   PDF
Mark Donohue, Tim Denham
Vol 7 (2009) Bananas and People in the Homeland of Genus Musa: Not just pretty fruit Abstract   PDF
Jean Kennedy
Vol 7 (2009) Bananas and Plantains in Africa: Re-interpreting the linguistic evidence Abstract   PDF
Roger Blench
Vol 2 (2004) Bananas in New Caledonian Kanak Society: Their socio-cultural value in relation with their origins Abstract   PDF
Valerie Kagy, Françoise Carreel
Vol 7 (2009) Becoming A Traditional Medicinal Plant Healer: Divergent Views of Practicing and Young Healers on Traditional Medicinal Plant Knowledge Skills in India Abstract   PDF
Shailesh Shukla, A. John Sinclair
Vol 3 (2005) Beyond Plants Professionals & Parchments: The role of home-based medicinal plant use and traditional health knowledge in primary health care in Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
Hareya Fassil
Vol 9 (2011) Beyond the Bounty: Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) for food security and novel foods in the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Andrew Maxwell Phineas Jones, Diane Ragone, Namulau’ulu Gaugau Tavana, David W Bernotas, Susan J Murch
Vol 4 (2006) Biocultural Diversity of the Endemic ‘Wild Jack Tree’ on the Malabar Coast of South India Abstract   PDF
Sam P. Matthew, A. Mohandas, S. M. Shareef, G. M. Nair
Vol 18 (2019) Bioculturalidad Asociada a la Extracción y Uso del Aceite de una Etnovariedad de Sesamum L. (Pedaliaceae): Un Abordaje Etnobotánico en un Pueblo del Semiárido de Piauí (Noreste de Brasil) Abstract   PDF
Jorge Izaquiel Alves de Siqueira, Teresinha de Jesus Machado, Jesus Rodrigues Lemos
Vol 19 (2020) Bioculturalidade associada à extração e uso do azeite de uma etnovariedade de Sesamum L. (Pedaliaceae): Uma abordagem etnobotânica em uma comunidade rural no Semiárido do Piauí (Nordeste do Brasil) Abstract   PDF
Jorge Izaquiel Alves de Siqueira, Teresinha de Jesus Machado, Jesus Rodrigues Lemos
Vol 18 (2019) Biodiversity of poisonous medicinal plants solicited in the traditional phytotherapy of the central Middle Atlas -Morocco- Abstract   PDF
Mariame Najem, Amine Daoudi, El Houssine Bouiamrine, Jamal Ibijbijen, Laila Nassiri
Vol 5 (2007) Blending Traditional and Western Medicine: Medicinal plant use among patients at Clinica Anticona in El Porvenir, Peru Abstract   PDF
R. W. Bussmann, D. Sharon, A. Lopez
Vol 6 (2008) Botanical Knowledge of a Group of College Students in South Carolina, U.S.A. Abstract   PDF
Gail E. Wagner
Vol 6 (2008) Botanical Knowledge of a Group of South Carolina Elementary School Students Abstract   PDF
Chanda Livingston Cooper
Vol 7 (2009) Botany Segue: A Photo Essay Details   PDF
Valentina Savo, Y. Han Lau, Will C. McClatchey, David Reedy, Al Keali`i Chock, Kim W. Bridges, Zak Ritchey
Vol 19 (2020) Brahma Kamal (Saussurea obvallata (DC.) Edgew.): Ethnomedicinal, phytochemical and pharmacological overview of an important Himalayan medicinal plant Abstract   PDF
Prabhakar Semwal, Sakshi Painuli, Devesh Tewari, Rainer W Bussmann, Lok Man S Palni, Ashish Thapliyal
Vol 20 (2020) Brief review of traps and weapons made with plant materials and their use by the islanders of Santa Fe (Argentina) Abstract   PDF
Bárbara Arias Toledo, Luisina Battistón
Vol 12 (2014) Can a Use-based Taxonomy be Natural? An example from Aguaruna folk classification of trees Abstract   PDF
Kevin Jernigan
Vol 14 (2015) Centennial Knowledge of Medicinal Plants Held in Communities of Espírito Santo, Brazil Abstract   PDF
A. P. Baliano, F. S. Alves, A.C. H. Pereira, G.M. de F.V. Aquije, D. Lenz, T. U. Andrande, D. C. Endringer
Vol 6 (2008) Challenges and Lessons Studying Non-timber Forest Products with Traditional Communities in the Amazon Details   PDF
Campbell Plowden
Vol 3 (2005) Charring Medicinal Plants: A traditional method of preparing phytomedicines in Southwestern Nigeria Abstract   PDF
A. Egunyomi, T. R. Fasola, O. Oladunjoye
Vol 21 (2021) Chiuri (Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H.J.Lam): An Economic tree for Improving Livelihood of Chepang Communities in Makwanpur, Nepal Abstract   PDF
Roshan Chikanbanjar, Umed Pun, Bhola Bhattarai, Ripu Mardan Kunwar
Vol 18 (2019) Ciclo anual de las plantas forrajeras: Dinámicas y prácticas de una comunidad ganadera del Chaco Seco, Argentina Abstract   PDF
N. David Jiménez-Escobar
Vol 7 (2009) Combining Biological Approaches to Shed Light on the Evolution of Edible Bananas Abstract   PDF
Xavier Perrier
Vol 12 (2014) Commercialization of Underutilized Plants in Uganda: An analysis of the market chains of Luffa cylindrica L. Abstract   PDF
Akankwasah Barirega, Patrick Van Damme
Vol 14 (2015) Community-Led Ethnobotanical Triage: Case study—Myaamia corn traditions Abstract   PDF
Michael P. Gonella, Daryl W. Baldwin, Adolph M. Greenberg
Vol 10 (2012) Comparative Analysis of Indigenous Knowledge on Use and Management of Wild Edible Plants: The case of central East Shewa of Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
Debela Hunde Feyssa
Vol 12 (2014) Comparison of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites in Experimental and Natural Populations of Wild Tomatillos, Physalis longifolia Nutt. Abstract   PDF
Kelly Kindscher, Cong-Mei Cao, Robert J Gallagher, Huaping Zhang, Quinn Long, Lauren Service, Barbara N. Timmermann
Vol 13 (2014): Comunidades y palmeras en los Andes y la Amazonia de Bolivia y Peru Comunidades y Palmeras en los Andes y la Amazonia de Bolivia y Peru: Prólogo Abstract   PDF
Rainer W. Bussmann, Narel Y. Paniagua-Zambrana
Vol 18 (2019) Conocimiento y Uso de Plantas Alimenticias Silvestres en Comunidades Campesinas del Semiárido de Piauí, Noreste de Brasil Abstract   PDF
Edna Maria Ferreira Chaves, Jorge Izaquiel Alves de Siqueira, Rodrigo Ferreira de Morais, Roseli Farias Melo de Barros
Vol 10 (2012) Consequences of the Loss of Traditional Knowledge: The risk of injurious and toxic plants growing in kindergartens Abstract   PDF
Vanesa Pérez Cuadra, Viviana Nora Cambi, María de los Ángeles Rueda, Melina Lorena Calfuán
Vol 3 (2005) Conservación de las Diversidad Biológica y Cultural en el Peidmonte Amazónico Colombian: La herencia del Dr. Schultes Abstract   PDF
Germán Zuluaga Ramírez
Vol 13 (2014): Comunidades y palmeras en los Andes y la Amazonia de Bolivia y Peru Conservando Nuestros Bosques: Conocimiento y uso de las palmeras en las comunidades campesinas del norte de Bolivia Abstract   PDF
Narel Y. Paniagua Zambrana, Rainer W. Bussmann, Erika Blacutt, Manuel J. Macía, Comunidades de El Hondo, Santa María y 26 de Octubre
Vol 12 (2014) Conservation and Ethnobotanical Knowledge of a Hmong Community in Long Lan, Luang Prabang, Lao People's Democratic Republic Abstract   PDF
Cory William Whitney, Min (Meej Vaj) Vang Sin, Giang Lê Hồng, Can Vu Van, Keith Barber, Lanh Thi Tran
Vol 3 (2005) Conservation of the Biological and Cultural Diversity of the Colombian Amazon Piedmont: Dr. Schultes’ Legacy Abstract   PDF
Germán Zuluaga Ramírez
Vol 4 (2006) Conservation Status of Maianthemum Species in the Hengduan Mountains: A case study analyzing the impact of new policies on wild collected plant species Abstract   PDF
Meng Ying, Yang Yongping, Caroline S. Weckerle
Vol 19 (2020) Considerations for the use and study of the Peruvian “muña” Minthostachys mollis (Benth.) Griseb and Minthostachys setosa (Briq.) Epling. Abstract   PDF
Virginia Linares Otoya
Vol 11 (2013) Contributions of Clarence Y.C. Wong and Current Updates on the Flora of Romonum Island, Chuuk Lagoon, Federated States of Micronesia Abstract   PDF
Harley Ichiro Manner
Vol 8 (2010) Cooling the Heat - Traditional remedies for malaria and fever in Northern Peru Abstract   PDF
Rainer W Bussmann, Ashley Glenn
Vol 12 (2014) Correlates of Product Quality of Soumbala, a West African Non-timber Forest Product Abstract   PDF
Mette Kronborg, Jean-Baptiste Ilboudo, Imael Henri Nestor Bassolé, Anders Sanchez Barfod, Helle Weber Ravn, Anne Mette Lykke
Vol 5 (2007) Could Captain John Smith's Mattoume Have Been Wild Rice? Abstract   PDF
Germain LaRoche
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