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Vol 7 (2009) Impressions of Banana Pseudostem in Iron Slag from Eastern Africa Abstract   PDF
Louise Iles
Vol 4 (2006) Improving Quality of International Ethnobotany Research and Publications Details   PDF
Will McClatchey
Vol 18 (2019) Indigenous knowledge on medicinal plants used by ethnic communities of South India Abstract   PDF
Santhosh Kumar J U, Krishna Chaitanya M J, Andrew J Semotiuk, Krishna V
Vol 14 (2015) Indigenous Knowledge on the Use and Management of Medicinal Trees and Shrubs in Dale District, Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
Gonfa Kewessa, Tesfaye Abebe, Ambachew Demessie
Vol 7 (2009) Indigenous Use and Ethnopharmacology of Medicinal Plants in Far-West Nepal Abstract   PDF
Ripu M. Kunwar, Y. Uprety, C. Burlakoti, C. L. Chowdhary, Rainer W. Bussmann
Vol 4 (2006) Insertions and Deletions: Evolution in the assemblage of Vietnamese food plants Abstract   PDF
My Lien Thi Nguyen
Vol 3 (2005) Integrated Health Care System: Meeting Global Health Care Needs in the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Nat Quansah
Vol 8 (2010) Interpreting Resource Gradients and Patches for the Conservation of Woody Plant Diversity at Mt. Kasigau, Kenya Abstract   PDF
Kimberly E. Medley, Zaphania Mwandoe, Moses Mwamodo, Juma Zungi, Danson Mwatate, Nashon Njege
Vol 12 (2014) Intracultural Cognizance of Medicinal Plants of Warangal North Forest Division, Northern Telangana, India Abstract   PDF
Sateesh Suthari, N. Sreeramulu, K. Omkar, C. S. Reddy, Vatsavaya S. Raju
Vol 3 (2005) Introducing the Vector: How Coconut Lethal Yellowing Disease may have reached the Caribbean Abstract   PDF
Laura Ogle, Hugh Harries
Vol 3 (2005) Invention and Re-invention of Knowledge Details   PDF
Will McClatchey
Vol 14 (2015) Inventory and Implications of Plant Use for Environmental Conservation in Visconde de Mauá, Serra da Mantiqueira, Brazil Abstract   PDF
Mariana Martins da Costa Quinteiro, Ana Mayumi Gonçalves Tamashiro, Marcelo Guerra Santos, Luiz José Soares Pinto, Moemy Gomes Moraes
Vol 8 (2010) Invitro anti-metronidazole-resistant-Helicobacter pylori activity and cytotoxicity of selected medicinal plants’ extracts from Penang Island Malaysia. Abstract   PDF
ABD M Uyub
Vol 3 (2005) Ireo Karazana Zavamaniry Tena Fampiasa Amin'ny Toerana Iray Abstract   PDF
Fidy Ratovoson, Henry Jaona, Justin Rabemananjara, Juliette Marovavy, Clara Antonia, Marie Jeanne, Clara Aimé Raholiarivelo, Emilien Razaniry, Ignace Robena, Liva -, Rogin -, Delphin Razanajatovo, Esisy Fanomezantsoa, Justin Rabezanahary, Velomary -, Nirina Morarano, Fokontany Morarano, Kaominina Mahavelona, Toamasina -
Vol 6 (2008) Is Hedysarum mackenzei (Wild Sweet Pea) Actually Toxic? Abstract   PDF
Edward M Treadwell, Thomas Paul Clausen
Vol 2 (2004) Is the Quality of Kava (Piper methysticum Forst. f.) Responsible for Different Geographical Patterns Abstract   PDF
Vincent Lebot, Patricia Simeoni
Vol 10 (2012) Kalo [Hawaiian Taro, Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott] Varieties: An assessment of nomenclatural synonymy and biodiversity Abstract   PDF
Kawika B. Winter
Vol 7 (2009) Kam Guilzhouh nyim Guangxxih di Benxtux Wenchual nyim Zihyuanc dih Gonxliix: Kam Local Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Resource Management in Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces, China Abstract   PDF
Amy Eisenberg, Paul John Amato, Deng Tao
Vol 13 (2014): Special Issue - Edicion Especial: Comunidades y palmeras en los Andes y la Amazonia de Bolivia y Peru Kampanak se Usa para el Techo pero Ya no Hay: Uso y conservación de palmeras entre los Awajun, Amazonas, Perú Abstract   PDF
Narel Y. Paniagua Zambrana, Rainer W. Bussmann, Carlos Vega, Carolina Téllez, Manuel J. Macía, Comunidades Awajun de Cusu Chico, Nuevo Samaria y Yamayakat
Vol 5 (2007) Keeping NTFPs in the Forest: Can certification provide an alternative to intensive cultivation? Abstract   PDF
David S. Wilsey, Jeremy Radachowsky
Vol 6 (2008) Keeping the Spirit Alive: Rice whisky production in Northern Laos Details   PDF
Claudio Delang
Vol 3 (2005) Knowledge and Consumption of Wild Plants: A comparative study in two Tsimane' villages in the Bolivian Amazon Abstract   PDF
Victoria Reyes-García, Vincent Vadez, Tomás Huanca, William Leonard, David Wilkie
Vol 3 (2005) Knowledge Transmission Among Preservation Practitioners in Dubai Abstract   PDF
Adil M. Abdalla
Vol 16 (2017): Special Issue - Conocimiento Tradicional en un mundo cambiante - Los Chácobo en Bolivia La etnobotánica de los Chácobo en el siglo XX Abstract   PDF
Narel Yaroslava Paniagua Zambrana, Rainer W Bussmann, Carolina Téllez, Carlos Vega
Vol 16 (2017): Special Issue - Conocimiento Tradicional en un mundo cambiante - Los Chácobo en Bolivia La Etnobotánica de los Chácobo en el siglo XXI Abstract   PDF
Narel Yaroslava Paniagua Zambrana, Rainer W Bussmann
Vol 5 (2007) Land-use / Land-cover Change in Yucatán State, Mexico: An examination of political, socioeconomic, and biophysical drivers in Peto and Tzucacab Abstract   PDF
M. Wyman, Z. Gomez Villegas, I. Miranda Ojeda
Vol 10 (2012) Legacy of Kum (Strobilanthes flaccidifolius) Dye: A Case study with the Culture of Meitei community of Manipur, Northeast India. Abstract   PDF
deshworjit singh ningombam, ningthoujam sanjoy singh, potsangbam kumar singh, oinam brojendro singh
Vol 5 (2007) Limitations and Applications of Parataxonomy for Community Forest Management in Southwestern Amazonia Abstract   PDF
Christopher Baraloto, Evandro Ferreira, Cara Rockwell, Francisco Walthier
Vol 9 (2011) Linking Past and Present: A preliminary paleoethnobotanical study of Maya nutritional and medicinal plant use and sustainable cultivation in the Southern Maya Mountains, Belize Abstract   PDF
Marc A. Abramiuk, Peter S. Dunham, Linda Scott Cummings, Chad Yost, Todd J Pesek
Vol 10 (2012) Linking Remote Sensing, Census and Interview Data to Understand Forest Transitions in the Southern Cone of the State of Yucatán, México Abstract   PDF
Allison Hopkins, Cerian Gibbes, Armando Inurreta Díaz, Rafael Rojas
Vol 12 (2014) Livelihood and Revenue: Role of rattans among Mongoloid tribes and settlers of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India Abstract   PDF
U. Senthilkumar, K. C. Ritesh, M. Sanjappa, D. Narasimhan, R. Uma Shaanker, G. Ravikanth
Vol 5 (2007) Living Grass Irrigation Ditches in Traditional Portuguese Agriculture: Autecology in the study of ethnobotany Abstract   PDF
George F. Estabrook
Vol 14 (2015) Local Botanical Knowledge about Sideroxylon obtusifolium (Roem. & Schult.) T.D.Penn. in Rural Communities in the Semi-Arid Region of Brazil Abstract   PDF
Kamila Marques Pedrosa, Elizabethe Quintella de Lima, Camilla Marques Lucena, Thamires Kelly Nunes Carvalho, João Everthon da Silva Ribeiro, Edna Arévalo Marín, Rodrigo Silva de Oliveira, Ricardo Elesbão Alves, Silvanda de Melo Silva, Denise Dias da Cruz, Reinaldo Farias Paiva Lucena
Vol 10 (2012) Local Customary Use and Management of Ethiopian Potato (Plectranthus edulis (Vatke) Agnew in Sodo Zuria District, South Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
Yeshitila Mekbib, Jens Weibull
Vol 11 (2013) Local Knowledge of Plants and Their Uses Among Women in the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
Matthew Wayne Luizza, Heather Young, Christina Kuroiwa, Paul Evangelista, Aserat Worede, Rainer Bussmann, Amber Weimer
Vol 14 (2015) Local Knowledge on the Use of Swertia chirayita as Traditional Medicine: Conservation challenges in Sikkim Himalaya, India Abstract   PDF
Bharat K. Pradhan, Hemant K. Badola
Vol 14 (2015) Local Perceptions of Food Plants in Eastern Burkina Faso Abstract   PDF
K. Marie Laure Guissou, Thea Kristiansen, Anne Mette Lykke
Vol 6 (2008) Local Uses of Native Plants in an Area of Caatinga Vegetation (Pernambuco, NE Brazil) Abstract   PDF
Reinaldo Farias Paiva de Lucena, Viviany Teixeira do Nascimento, Elcida de Lima Araújo, Ulysses Paulino de Albuquerque
Vol 14 (2015) Locally Preferred Woody Species and Their Management in Kiruhura and Arua Districts, Uganda Abstract   PDF
Antonia Nyamukuru, Alice Nabatanzi, Sam Mpiira, John R.S. Tabuti
Vol 13 (2014): Special Issue - Edicion Especial: Comunidades y palmeras en los Andes y la Amazonia de Bolivia y Peru Los Chacobo y las Palmeras Abstract   PDF
Narel Y. Paniagua Zambrana, Rainer W. Bussmann, Erika Blacutt, Manuel J. Macía, Comunidades Chacobo de Alto Yvon, Tokio y Motacuzal, y Comunidad Pacahuara Puerto Tujuré
Vol 17 (2018) Los conocimientos de estudios etnobiológicos se ajustan a sistemas de equilibrio Abstract   PDF
Monica Moraes R.
Vol 14 (2015) Magical and Popular Veterinary Uses of Rue (Ruta L., Rutaceae) by Shepherds in Eastern Spain Abstract   PDF
Pablo Vidal-González, Raquel Sánchez-Padilla
Vol 18 (2019) Making friends in the field: How to become an ethnobotanist. - A personal reflection Abstract   PDF
Rainer W Bussmann
Vol 11 (2013) Management of Astrocaryum standleyanum (Arecaceae) for Handicraft Production in Colombia Abstract   PDF
Nestor Garcia, Gloria Galeano, Rodrigo Bernal, Henrik Balslev
Vol 9 (2011) Mango Trees as Cultural Indicators in the Limahuli Valley, Kauai Abstract   PDF
Torunn Stangeland
Vol 6 (2008) Market Survey Research: A model for ethnobotanical education Abstract   PDF
My Lien Thi Nguyen, Katherine T. Doherty, Julia Wieting
Vol 3 (2005) Medical Bioprospecting and Ethnobotanical Research Details   PDF
Will McClatchey
Vol 18 (2019) Medicinal flora cultivated in backyards of a community in Northeast Brazil Abstract   PDF
Juliana Cardozo Farias, Geyssell Denisse Rodríguez Miranda, Maria Hortencia Borges dos Santos, Brunna Laryelle Silva Bomfim, Irineu Campêlo da Fonseca Filho, Solange Maria de França, Roseli Farias Melo de Barros, Paulo Roberto Ramalho Silva
Vol 14 (2015) Medicinal Plant Species Used in the Management of Hernia by Traditional Medicine Practitioners in Central Uganda Abstract   PDF
Moses Sserwano Kibuuka, Godwin Anywar
Vol 18 (2019) Medicinal plant species used in the treatment of skin diseases in Katabi Subcounty, Wakiso District, Uganda Abstract   PDF
Patience Tugume, Cissy Nambejja, Clement Nyakoojo, Maud Kamatenesi-Mugisha
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