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Vol 3 (2005) Observing Subtleties: Traditional Knowledge and Optimal Water Management of Lake St. Martin Abstract   PDF
Myrle Traverse, Richard Baydack
Vol 10 (2012) Olonā (Touchardia latifolia Gaud.): Cultivating the wild populations for sustainable use and revitalization of cultural Hawaiian practices Abstract   PDF
Juliana Mikioi Wichman
Vol 6 (2008) On Secrecy Details   PDF
Daniel E. Moerman
Vol 8 (2010) On-farm Diversity and Characterization of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Landraces in the Highlands of West Shewa, Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
Firdissa Eticha, Woldeyesus Sinebo, Heinrich Grausgruber
Vol 18 (2019) Our children don’t have time anymore to learn about our medicinal plants: How an ethnobotanical school assignment can contribute to the conservation of Saramaccan Maroon traditional knowledge. Abstract   PDF
Charlotte Van 't Klooster, Vinije Haabo, Tinde Van Andel
Vol 3 (2005) Ownership and Sustainability Issues of Botanical Medicines Abstract   PDF
Gamaniel K. Shingu
Vol 14 (2015) Palms and Palm Use in Ambalabe, a Community in Eastern Madagascar. Abstract   PDF
Rainer W. Bussmann, Narel Paniagua Zambrana, Alyse Kuhlman, Fortunat Rakotoarivony, Aina Razanatsima, Nivo Rakotoarivelo, Jeremy Lalao Razafitsalama, Armand Randrianasolo, Armand Randrianasolo
Vol 14 (2015) Participatory Approaches and Conservation of Medicinal Plants: Identifying priority species in the community of Areais da Ribanceira (Brazil) Abstract   PDF
Sofia Zank, Natalia Hanazaki, Anderson Santos de Mello
Vol 17 (2018) Participatory Research Ethics - Aruskipt’asipxaňanakasakipunirakispawa Abstract   PDF
Amy Eisenberg
Vol 2 (2004) Past International Year of the Indigenous People? into a New Millennium Details   PDF
Ramano Rao
Vol 14 (2015) Pequi (Caryocar coriaceum Wittm., Caryocaraceae) Oil Production: A strong economically influenced tradition in the Araripe region, northeastern Brazil Abstract   PDF
Maria Clara Bezerra Tenório Cavalcanti, Letícia Zenóbia de Oliveira Campos, Rosemary da Silva Sousa, Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque
Vol 18 (2019) Percepciones y conocimientos de una comunidad campesina del sudoeste de La Pampa (Argentina). Recursos forrajeros, hidrocarburos y estrategias de vida Abstract   PDF
Walter Alejandro Muiño, Lucía Fernández
Vol 12 (2014) Perceptions and Use of Native Forests in the Arid Chaco of Córdoba, Argentina Abstract   PDF
Cecilia Trillo, Sonia Colantonio, Leonardo Galetto
Vol 20 (2020) Perceptions locales des services écosystémiques des aires protégées à l’Est du Burkina Faso Abstract   PDF
Issaka Ouedraogo, Oumarou Sambare, Salfo Savadogo, Adjima Thiombiano
Vol 18 (2019) Phyto-cultural diversity of the Shigar valley (Central Karakorum) Baltistan, Northern Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Zaheer Abbas, Jan Alam, Said Muhammad, Rainer W Bussmann, Shujaul Mulk Khan, Manzoor Hussain
Vol 8 (2010) Plant Species with Spontaneous Reproduction in Homegardens in Eastern Tyrol (Austria): Perception and management by women farmers Abstract   PDF
Brigitte Vogl-Lukasser, Christian R. Vogl, Marianne Gütler, Serena Heckler
Vol 15 (2016): Plantas medicinales de los Andes y la Amazonía / Medicinal plants of the Andes and the Amazon Plantas medicinales de los Andes y la Amazonía - La flora mágica y medicinal del Norte del Perú Abstract   PDF   Untitled
Rainer W Bussmann, Douglas Sharon
Vol 12 (2014) Plants in the Songbooks of Castilla y León, Spain Abstract   PDF
M. Cardaño, Baudilio Herrero
Vol 10 (2012) Plants Used as Ethnoveterinary Medicines in Sikkim Himalayas Abstract   PDF
Kumar Avinash Bharati, B. L. Sharma
Vol 18 (2019) Plants used in traditional medicine and other uses in South of Erzurum (Turkey): An ethnobotanical study Abstract   PDF
Songul Karakaya, Ahmet Polat, Özkan Aksakal, Yusuf Ziya Sümbüllü, Ümit İncekara
Vol 10 (2012) Plants Used in Wechiau Community Hippopotamus Sanctuary in Northwest Ghana Abstract   PDF
Alex Asase, Alfred A. Oteng-Yeboah
Vol 5 (2007) Potential for Agroforestry Adoption in Southern Africa: A comparative study of improved fallow and green manure adoption in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe Abstract   PDF
P. H. Thangata, M. Mudhara, C. Grier, P. E. Hildebrand
Vol 12 (2014) Potential for Value Chain Improvement and Commercialization of Cape Gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L.) for Livelihood Improvement in Uganda Abstract   PDF
Akankwasah Barirega
Vol 3 (2005) Potential Importance of Sociological Tourism for Madagascar's Protected Areas and Those Who Live Around Them Abstract   PDF
Chris Birkinshaw
Vol 11 (2013) Potentials for Promoting Oil Products Identified from Traditional Knowledge of Native Trees in Burkina Faso Abstract   PDF
Amadé Ouédraogo, Anne Mette Lykke, Benjamin Lankoandé, Gabin Korbéogo
Vol 12 (2014) Prehistoric Plant Use at Beaver Creek Rock Shelter, Southwestern Montana, U.S.A. Abstract   PDF
Darla Florence Dexter, Kathleen Martin, Lauri Travis
Vol 7 (2009) Primroses versus Spruces: Cultural differences between flora depicted in British and Polish children's books Abstract   PDF
Łukasz Łuczaj
Vol 4 (2006) Prioritization and Conservation of Himalayan Medicinal Plants: Angelica glauca Edgew. as a case study Abstract   PDF
Anil Kumar Bisht, Arvind Bhatt, R. S. Rawal, Uppeandra Dhar
Vol 12 (2014) Promoting the Use of Ethnoveterinary Practices in Livestock Health Management in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe Abstract   PDF
Clarice Princess Mudzengi
Vol 9 (2011) Proving that Traditional Knowledge Works: The antibacterial activity of Northern Peruvian medicinal plants Abstract   PDF
Rainer W Bussmann, Glenn Ashley, Douglas Sharon, Gabriel Chait, Doris Diaz, Kamron Pourmand, Brian Jonat, Selma Somogy, Gladys Guardado, Cynthia Aguirre, Rosa Chan, Karen Meyer, Alyse Rothrock, Andrew Townesmith
Vol 3 (2005) Publication of Ethnobotanical Research in Local Languages Details   PDF
Will McClatchey, Kawika Winter
Vol 18 (2019) Pullian: The traditional Pangwal snow shoe Abstract   PDF
Harminder Singh, Puneet Kumar
Vol 5 (2007) Purposive Sampling as a Tool for Informant Selection Abstract   PDF
Ma. Dolores C. Tongco
Vol 10 (2012) Quantifying the Mulligan River Pituri Trade of Central Australia Abstract   PDF
Jenny Lesley Silcock, Max Tischler, Mike Smith
Vol 14 (2015) Quantitative Approach of Sterculia setigera Del. (Sterculiaceae) Ethnobotanical Uses Among Rural Communities in Togo (West Africa) Abstract   PDF
Wouyo Atakpama, Komlan Batawila, Atama Gnamkoulaba, Koffi Akpagana
Vol 18 (2019) Quantitative ethnobotanical study of toxic plants used in the traditional pharmacopoeia of the central Middle Atlas -Morocco- Abstract   PDF
Mariame Najem, Jamal Ibijbijen, Laila Nassiri
Vol 7 (2009) Quantitative Ethnobotany or Quantification in Ethnobotany? Details   PDF
Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque
Vol 18 (2019) Quantitative ethnomedicinal study of indigenous medicinal plants used for digestive disorders of Laspur Valley, Chitral, Northern Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Sher Wali, Hammad Ahmad Jan, Rainer W Bussmann
Vol 20 (2020) Quantitative study on medicinal plants traded in selected herbal markets of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Sikandar Shah, Sheharyar Khan, Sulaiman Sulaiman, Murad Muhammad, Lal Badshah, Rainer W Bussmann, Wahid Hussain
Vol 4 (2006) Questionnaires Do Not Work! A Comparison of Methods Used to Evaluate the Structure of Buildings and Wood Used in Rural Households, South Africa Abstract   PDF
J. Y. Gaugris, M. W. van Rooyen
Vol 20 (2020) Quilombola perceptions about plant-mediated ecological interactions Abstract   PDF
Kênia Maria de Oliveira Valadares, Fernanda Ribeiro-da-Silva, Natalia Hanazaki
Vol 20 (2020) Reciprocity in ethnobotanical research: case of a study carried out in the Mbe plain of Adamawa, Cameroon Abstract   PDF
Lamy Lamy Georges Maxime, Kenne Meli Phalone, Talba Dalatou, Amougou Alega Constantin, dona Adoum, Zambou Zebaze Laela, Ndjib Rosette, Fawa Guidawa, Nzweundji Justice Germo, Donfagsiteli Tchinda Néhémie, Agbor Agbor Gabriel, Poom Bidou Vincent Jean, Wackilou Wackilou
Vol 14 (2015) Recovery of Oplopanax horridus (Sm.) Miq., an Important Ethnobotanical Resource, after Clearcut Logging in Northwestern British Columbia Abstract   PDF
Carla M. Burton, Philip J. Burton
Vol 18 (2019) Relation of medicinal plants, their use patterns and availability in the lower Kailash Sacred Landscape, Nepal Abstract   PDF
Ripu M Kunwar, Keshab Shrestha, Sulochan Malla, Tulasi Acharya, Arthur J. Sementelli, Durga Kutal, Rainer W Bussmann
Vol 6 (2008) Relationship between four Tribal Communities and their Natural Resources in the Koraput Region Abstract   PDF
Merlin Franco, D. Narasimhan, William Stanley
Vol 7 (2009) Relevance of Banana Seeds in Archaeology Abstract   PDF
Edmond De Langhe
Vol 6 (2008) Revised List of Hawaiian Names of Plants Native and Introduced with Brief Descriptions and Notes as to Occurrence and Medicinal or Other Values by Joseph F. Rock Consulting Botanist, Board of Agriculture and Forestry Honolulu, Hawai‘i, 1920 Abstract   PDF
Samuel M. ‘Ohukani‘ōhi‘a Gon
Vol 4 (2006) Right of Passage Details   PDF
Gabriel Quinn Maroney
Vol 20 (2020) Rising to the occasion: outlining Ethnobiologists’ response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Abstract   PDF
F. Merlin Franco, Rainer W Bussmann
Vol 5 (2007) Root and Tuber Crops in Vietnam: Focus on yam germplasm Abstract   PDF
Linh Chi Vu, Thi Ngoc Hue Nguyen, Ngoc Trinh Luu
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