Wine, Beer, Snuff, Medicine, and Loss of Diversity - Ethnobotanical travels in the Georgian Caucasus

Rainer W Bussmann, Narel Y Paniagua Zambrana, Shalva Sikharulidze, Zaal Kikvidze, David Kikodze, Tamar Jinjikhadze, Tamaz Shanshiashvili, Dato Chelidze, Ketevan Batsatsashvili, Niki Bakanidze


Research was conducted in July 2013 as part of an
ethnobotany research-training course in Georgia
(საქართველო). After obtaining prior informed consent for
interviews and photographs, semi-structured interviews
were conducted with participants in local villages.
Images were taken of the physical environment (soils, water
features, and other geographical context elements), biological
environment (parts of plants used, whole plants,
animals, ecosystems, landscapes), and cultural environment
(artifacts, villages, crop fields, and other anthropogenic
landscapes, individuals and groups interacting with
each other or the researchers, and people conducting daily
tasks of life). Most of the photographs were taken opportunistically
and only Figures 79-81 were “staged.”

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