Ethnotaxonomical Approach in the Identification of Useful Medicinal Flora of Tehsil Pindigheb (District Attock) Pakistan

Muhammad Qasim Hayat, Mir Ajab Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Nighat Shaheen, Ghazalah Yasmin, Shamim Akhter


The presented research investigated the use of folk remedies
among the people of Tehsil Pindigheb, District Attock
of Pakistan. During the ethnobotanical survey, we documented
indigenous knowledge and collected plant specimens
which included medicinal plants. Through questionnaire,
ethnomedicinal data was collected from key informants
and local inhabitants in randomly selected villages.
One hundred plant species belonging to 44 families were
recorded as medicinal flora of the area. Due to construction
of new housing colonies, modern agricultural practices
and cultural changes within the community, the use
of traditional knowledge and medicinal plant species are
threatened day by day in the area. This study will provide
help in future conservation strategies.

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