Plants Used as Ethnoveterinary Medicines in Sikkim Himalayas

Kumar Avinash Bharati, B. L. Sharma


Field work was conducted to document the ethnoveterinarymedicine used by members of the indigenous communityin Sikkim Himalayas, India, in order to treat ailmentsof their livestock. This research detailed the use of 37medicinal plants to treat ailments in animals such asdiarrhea, dysentery, digestive disorders, injury, wound,fever, maternity complications, skin disease, urinaryproblems, cough and cold, skeleto-muscular disorders,inflammation, scorpion sting, snake and insect bite,weakness, parasite, ulcer and bleeding. 12 medicinalplants being used in Sikkim Himalayas have not beendocumented in ethnoveterinary medicine elsewhere in theworld. 15 plant species were found to contain previouslyunreported medicinal properties.

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