HAPPY 2022

Dear ERA community,   HAPPY 2022!   ERA readership and submission have continued to grow over the last year, with the journal receiving over 330 manuscripts. While this makes us very proud, it also pouts a huge strain on editors and reviewers. Many thanks to the whole team from again doing an excellent job!   ERA is certainly not an "easy" journal. Our rejection rate has by now reached 90%, which makes it even more important for authors to follow the journal guidelines when preparing and submitting their paper.   Given the huge number of manuscripts we have decided to modify the journal sections, and will in the future not accept Poetry or Travel logs.   ERA depends on the hard volunteer work of its editors and reviewers, and we encourage all readers to also register as reviewers. We would like to take this opportunity to remind all authors that somebody will have to review their own manuscripts, so declining to review other manuscripts is not particularly productive! If you receive an invitation for review, especially if you have recently published in ERA, or are planning to do so, please accept it. It serves both you and your colleagues!   We are looking forward to another productive year.   Your ERA editorial team.