An Ethnobotanical Study on Native Plants of Bargarh District of Western Odisha, India in Relieving Urogenital Ailments



ethnobotany, urogenital ailments, enthnic communities, Bargarh district


Background: This study focused on the ethnobotanical study on native plants of Bargarh district of western Odisha, India in relieving urogenital ailments.

Methods: The study area was visited regularly and close interaction were made with the senior tribal people involved with herbal medicines. During field work, interviews were conducted with local educated villagers, the herbal healer, old woman and medicinal plant vendors. A total of 42 healers form Binjhal tribes (Dravidian ethnic group) were interviewed from the10 selected blocks.

Results: A total of 28 species belong to 27 genera and 17 families were focused to have ethnobotanical significance towards urogenital ailments. Among the 28 plants species, 12 (43%) trees species, eight (29%) shrubs, six (21%) herbs species and two (7) climber species were recorded. Various parts of these species were used by the natives, of these roots of highest number of species (8) were used, followed by leaves (7), barks (4), seeds and fruits of three species each; flowers, gums, corollas, and whole plants of one species each.

Conclusions: The present study showing that there was an abundance of huge knowledge within the different ethnic communities that were not explored yet.Due to lack of communication and systematic transmission among the young generation the ethnobotanical knowledge may be declined. Hence it is urgent to document the ethnobotanical knowledge of old age people. Several species such as Achyranthes aspera var. indica, Bauhinia racemosa, Cassia auriculata, Celosia argentea, Gloriosa superba, Terminalia bellirica, etc. can be further studied for their pharmacological activity and active compounds.

Keywords: ethnobotanicy, urogenital ailments, ethnic communities, Bargarh district.




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